‘Little to be proud of’ | Letters to the editor

By Riverine Herald

Stuart Hipwell, Wunghnu

I SEE the NSW Nationals are looking for slogans to use on bumper stickers to boost their recognition.

Might I suggest ‘Little to be Proud of’, which reflects what country people think of the Basin Plan the party which used to look after regional areas continues to support.

Or how about ‘No water, no food, no jobs, no future’, which describes where this party, once the champion of rural communities, is leading us towards?

Or maybe ‘Nationals – Our Latest Cereal Killer’?

And for the younger generation, perhaps ‘Basin Plan = No Future For Me’.

I’m hoping one day the Nationals will wake up to the fact that under the watch of Littleproud and McCormack they are destroying the very foundation on which the party was built.

But the ways things are going, I can’t see this happening before it’s too late.