If this wasn’t so pathetic it would actually be laughable EDITORIAL OPINION

November 09, 2017

WHEN is enough stupidity truly enough? How much more ridiculous can our politicians and the attendant Canberra Press Gallery – both parties living in their own rarefied bubbles where reality rarely ventures – become?

Seriously, who cares whether Billy Boofhead the politician was born in Tamworth or Timbuktu?

Does it have any impact on the job he, or she, is doing?

Does it mean, for example, Josh Frydenberg who was born in Melbourne in 1971; is a Hungarian, simply because his mother had survived the Holocaust and along with millions of Europe’s stateless, finally washed up in Australia in 1950? Of course it doesn’t.

It makes him as dinky di as every other Australian born here since 1776 because, and let’s be honest here, as far as Australians go we are all migrants and the descendants thereof.

My great grandmother was Prussian, my grandmother was Scottish/Prussian, my mother was part English and part third generation Australian, the mother of two of my children is half Polish.

And that is, by and large, the Australian story. My story. Your story. Our story.

There is little genetic purity in the Antipodes and the very fact we don’t give a damn, by and large, is also what makes us Australians.

Harking back to our troubled Hungarian Quasi Aussie, his mother was seven when she arrived here and set about improving her lot and giving back to the country which gave her a new life, becoming a psychologist and professor at Melbourne University.

His father is a general surgeon.

Frydenberg himself has worked hard to become internationally endowed with degrees to turn him into an exceptional over achiever.

Until some clown steps up to the microphone and declares he has divided loyalties.

A Salemesque claim seized upon by the ever enthusiastic Press Gallery, rattling its keyboards as another traitor is loaded into the tumbril and headed for the guillotine of misinformation.

To even remotely suggest any of the Frydenbergs place some sort of mystical connection to Budapest above Australia is ludicrous.

Professor Frydenberg is 74 and she has lived here for 67 years. Her son is 46 and lived here all his life.

Surely Australia has bigger issues on which it can better waste its time and our taxpayer dollars.

As a keen student of history the most recent times I can recall of such rabid enthusiasm for rooting out the impure took place in Germany, then made brief but bloody reappearances in places as diverse as central Africa and the collapsing Yugoslavia.

But this is Australia, the newest of the New World.

If I wanted something to really worry about in politics it would be Donald Trump, or Germany (again) where for the first time since 1945 the extreme right is a major player in the Bundestag.

That’s a far cry from a seven-year-old Jewish child trying to make a new life as a new Australian.

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