Swap anxiety for gift of optimism

May 05, 2017

New Life Baptist Church minister Jono Schroder. Photo by Luke Hemer.

APPARENTLY the old saying goes ‘what you don’t know won’t hurt you’ and there’s probably some truth in that.

It’s not until you hear about the gossip that someone spread about you, that you actually feel the hurt.

It doesn’t change much if the words were spoken six months ago, the pain of betrayal is still real – the minute you hear about it.

When we become aware of a slanderous accusation that moment stings, right there and right then.

In our modern world we are hearing an awful lot, much more than in generations past.

We are hearing about terror attacks in London, Isis chaos in Syria, and poverty in Pakistan.

The internet, and more specifically social media, has us live and connected and informed.

We hear about these events, almost immediately and in great detail, as soon as they happen.

This can profoundly affect our mental state.

Maybe you might push back, and question whether hearing this causes actual hurt to anyone, as far away as Australia.

That of course is highly dependent upon our level of personal empathy. But regardless, the effects of being bombarded with sad news are still tangible.

Anxiety continues to skyrocket, yes even in a ‘good’ country such as Australia.

We are impacted, and should be too.

For us to engage with this type of information and remain aloof would be somewhat inhuman.

What we are hearing does, and yes should, essentially hurt us.

But it doesn’t have to leave us hopeless either.

When Jesus walked this earth, He spoke of a bright future, in a world redeemed, a world put right, a world restored to perfectly good order.

He promised His early followers of a return to earth when He would bring this transformation, right at a time when everything seemed wrong.

Jesus also guaranteed them a measure of peace in the meantime, striking given the discussion centred around how much chaos would be happening at the time of His return.

So peace with God can provide unusual optimism, and it’s still available to anyone who would come to Jesus Christ in humble faith and trust.

Jonathon Schroder,

New Life Baptist Church

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