A view that’s too narrow as to miss the truth

April 28, 2017

David McAllan of the Echuca Community Church. Photo by Luke Hemer.

A Christian family was visiting Esperance over Easter and a father and his 17-year-old daughter went surfing.

Tragically, she was fatally mauled by a shark.

It was reported that the family was a devout Christian family and she went to a strong Christian College.

She had recently written in her blog about her desire to share the good news of Jesus Christ with others.

It is beyond description what this poor family is going through right now.

The pain of losing a precious daughter is beyond words.

The question from many people is, “why God?”.

A family that is Christian. A family that honours God – and He lets this beautiful young Christian girl get taken by a shark.

Of course you will find unbelievers attempting to say God does not exist since He did not rescue this girl.

But that kind of thinking is way too narrow. What if God did discriminate between believers and non-believers in Christ?

What if Christians were never sick, never injured or never faced tragedy.

Who wouldn’t want to be a Christian? The church would then be full of people for the wrong reasons.

One of the hallmarks of a believer should be sincerity of motive.

A person is not a believer because of immediate benefits. That hardly requires faith.

The church that Jesus ordained was not a club, it is a body of people who have crossed over from unbelief to faith in Christ.

That faith is not dependent upon life being inoculated from hardships.

In fact, it is one way God’s people can better serve Christ.

By understanding the pain of others, the Christian is well placed to empathise and help others in their suffering.

Why would God want to undermine His love for the world by removing the very thing that will help His people love and understand those who suffer in the world?

So don’t be fooled into thinking God is not involved in the Christian’s life because they may befall the same tragedies as the unbeliever.

David McAllan,

Echuca Community Church

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