Crossroads- Good time to find out who Jesus is

April 13, 2017

New Life Baptist Church minister Jono Schroder.

I ONCE worked alongside a lovely chap who considered himself a fervent atheist.

Consequently, things relating to Jesus, church, faith, eternity, heaven or hell were absolute nonsense as far as he was concerned.

These topics only ever got credence because vulnerable people “need something to believe in”.

He though, apparently, needed no such crutches.

Overall we got along great, and he remains one of the finest humans I’ve ever known.

There was never an issue between us. I respected his position and had very little interest in actively quarrelling with his verdict.

There was one small exception though.

See, whenever he would get really upset at something, he would cry out in loud frustration, “Jesus Christ!”

This seemed especially intriguing to me, considering he thought Jesus was no more believable than Humpty Dumpty.

Why then refer to an imaginary character at all; why were these words even in his vocabulary; why refer to Jesus Christ out of anger?

One day I ventured to ask why he would use someone’s name that he didn’t believe existed.

Besides, of all the available options, why choose the name Jesus Christ and not someone else?

Why not Adolf Hitler, or Mohandas Ghandi, or Charles Darwin, or even Humpty Dumpty – if he wished to keep it in the fantasy realm – any name, but why land on Jesus?

My friend was speechless; he’d never stopped to wonder about his use of the name.

The first followers of Jesus Christ were convinced the name was particularly unique.

They felt it a name worthy of honour, respect and awe.

Their claim was this: “God has given no other name under heaven by which we must be saved” (Acts 4:12).

This insight was based in their conviction that, yes indeed, Christ rose from the dead on the first Easter weekend, making this a perfect time of the year to explore who Jesus is.

Jonathon Schroder

New Life Baptist Church

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