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April 13, 2017

Certainly when Echuca Regional Health opened its mega millions redevelopment and relocation that was big news.

ECHUCA-MOAMA is on the move. Not with any great fanfare but the very fabric of the twin towns is being altered.

Slowly, but surely, there has been a seismic shift in our very infrastructure – the nuts and bolts of the towns which don’t necessarily attract too much hype.

Certainly when Echuca Regional Health opened its mega millions redevelopment and relocation that was big news.

Since then we have also had a new SES headquarters, CFA station, police station and now the ambulance service has been knocked down and will also shortly have a state-of the art home to put it on a par with the rest of our excellent emergency services.

Capped off by confirmation we will also be getting a dedicated courthouse instead of the current, low-security compromise at the shire offices.

But wait, there’s more.

And it will all be explained at length in our special eight-page feature in the next issue of the Riverine Herald in which we present the full scope of the big-ticket projects taking place both sides of the river.

The biggest of all, obviously, is the bridge.

The project office has opened in town, site works have already started out on the Murray Hwy and there is a genuine sense of belief throughout the region that this vital second crossing, first mooted pre-Federation according to some doubters, is actually going to be built.

Then there is the massive commercial/residential development taking place at Echuca West, where the also long-awaited merger of three schools will take place.

Near where a new retail and office complex will go up and roads are already made and running into the Parkview estate with its urgent release of more building blocks. On the NSW side of the river Lakeview is mirroring that expansion.

Then there is the Port of Echuca.

The former Bridge Hotel, now Henry’s, has been the scene of a massive overhaul and upgrade, the Hopwood Gardens redevelopment project is continuing and the barge Alison will also be making that setting home.

Other buildings throughout the precinct are also getting much needed makeovers as well.

Keep following the river and the Vic Park and Scenic Drive strategic plan is now in place, setting the scene for this high-use zone to become much more user friendly.

The Echuca East recreation park plan is in place, bringing a valuable community asset back online and there are numerous commercial projects also in motion and which will be covered in our feature.

Finally there is a small fortune being ploughed into a number of traffic blackspots around town, from the Warren St/Murray Hwy intersection to the pedestrian crossing at the corner of Hare and Heygarth streets. Ensuring everyone, but especially those no longer too sprightly, can safely avoid the road trains, local traffic and peak tourism chaos.

Right now if you were looking to find a town in which to live – or two towns as is the case here – you would do your research on Echuca-Moama and have no hesitation in agreeing it sounds like a pretty good place to be.

Fantastic lifestyle, close to (and far enough away from) the big population centres and just about every service, facility and opportunity known to modern man.

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