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March 29, 2017

Amazing donations

Five years ago the Riverine Herald reported the sponsorship of a cancer research program at Peter Mac. Led by Dr. Nicole Haynes, the research has led to genuine advances combining immunology with radiation therapy. By balancing the intensity of radiation treatment with immune system boosters it successfully encourages our own immune system to attack any remaining cancer cells left after radiation. It is a previously unrecognised new direction for cancer treatment.

The contribution to this research was made possible through a deceased estate. This letter is to publicly acknowledge the finalised donations.

Not knowing the final superannuation payout figure we made a wish list whilst in palliative care. Three years later a generous payout made all possible. A noble way to thank those who were important, contribute to the community and make the lives of unknown individuals better.

Community beneficiaries included Echuca Regional Health - Make your Mark, Peter Mac Founding Fellow, Echuca South Primary - Reading Recovery, Cancer Council – Relay For Life, Echuca Netball Association, Childrens Medical Research Institute, Echuca Neighbourhood House and more. Happily $300,000 was given with donor name proudly acknowledged on plaques at Echuca and Peter Mac hospitals.

When compiling a Will, give thought to leaving a portion to community services and detail why. Wills are challenged for various reasons with donations often targeted. Peter Mac, for example, has legal support team to defend bequests. Describing why items and amounts are bequeathed to whom or what can reduce your wishes being challenged and perhaps solicitors becoming majority expenses.

J.K.Rowling said “you have a moral responsibility when you’ve been given far more than you need to do wise things with it and give intelligently.” I am proud and privileged to carry out my deceased partners wishes and may it inspire others to do and feel likewise.

Kevin L’Huillier, Koyuga

The ‘Rainbow Gestapo’ doesn’t scare me

THE term ‘Rainbow Gestapo’ offends Section 18C of Australia’s Racial Relations Act?

I don’t care, because the Rainbow Gestapo’s actions offend me.

Firstly the – copied to the police – death threats received (because of my letter to the editor opposing same-sex ‘marriage’) via the post, with no name/address of the brave sender(s), to my home, and then place of business; mortifying my wife and PA.

The Rainbow Gestapo’s recent attacks on Coopers Brewery were a full frontal attack on Australia’s democracy.

However, what I find truly reviling about the Rainbow Gestapo is their ever-increasing, heinous attacks on iconic medical humanitarian Professor Fred Hollows – to the extent of getting Fred’s head banned from Australia’s new $5 note in 2016.

Not only that, Fred was recently attacked again as he was about 20 years ago when he upset the Rainbow Gestapo by merely speaking medically-based common sense in the interests of indigenous Australian health in remote areas with low immune system.

If 18C can’t protect dear Fred’s memory (let alone legacy) what hope for my freedom of speech? Perhaps Simon Birmingham and Nick Xenopohon will now protect Fred (and also me)?

Howard Hutchins, Chirnside Park

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